Physical Education Department 

The Physics Department has well equipped Lab of large size, which can accommodate more than 40 students at a time. The Physics Lab fulfils all the requirements as per CBSE norms. A Spectrometer to help the students to understand wave phenomena of light such as Interference, Diffraction, and Polarization in a lucid manner. The students are performing various experiments with the help of Sodium Lamp, Polaroids, Grating, Hollow Prism along with Spectrometer for the partial fulfillment of their projects for CBSE Examination.

In addition the department has Reflecting type Astronomical Telescope. The students understand its principal, working and are using it to observe various planets, stars in the sky. Electronic instruments like Multimeter, Logic gates kit, Diode characteristics, Transistor characteristics apparatus are also available in the Physics Lab. We have another interesting instrument, Solar Panel equipped with a kit like Lantern, Torch calculator, Radio that can run by solar energy.