Physical Education Department 

In physical education department SICA Senior Secondary School has active, well trained and experienced sports teachers with high qualifications and specializations, The school has very good facilities for all major games and sports, like Volleyball, kho-kho, table tennis, basket ball, cricket and badminton and facilities for athletic events.

Besides this, proper and productive guidance is given for indoor activities such as roller-skating, chess, and yoga. Proper guidance and training is given for different types of rhythmic drills, lezim, dumb-bells, ring-drills, PT drills, Aerobic exercises, different types of pyramid formation and also good training is given in march-past. Above all, the school provides the facility of opting Physical Education as a subject in XI and XII standard with scientific approach.

The students are placed in four different “Houses” each headed by a House Captain. This help in developing in the leadership quality and the competitive urge that is very much needed in the present day world. “Intramural” competitions are held for different events of games and sports every year. The school celebrates the “Sports Week” in the month of November-December every year. Different types of prizes are awarded to motivate the students in all these events. The main emphasis is given on the “All-round” development and personality of the students.

No. of sports teachers in senior secondary school    05    

No. of sports teachers in primary school    02    

The School is very much enthusiastic and vibrant in participating various sports competitions .The School participates in various Tournaments of different event in C.B.S.E. cluster, Zonal and National Tournaments as well as MP state Government School Tournaments. It has all the facilities in the campus for the following sports activities :