Composite Science LabĀ 

SICA School has developed a Biotechnology Department. Biotechnology being a sunrise area has tremendous future growth potential for the students.

Special Features – The department has all the modern and ultramodern equipments & facilities in our Lab and is closely monitored & guided by qualified practising professionals who form a well balanced “school management committee”.

Special Equipements & Facilites:

UV – Visible Spectrophotometer, Laminar Air Flow system of development of Cultural Propagation. DNA Isolation Kits., DNA Separation procedures. Protein Isolation Procedures., Protein Extraction process. Blood Testing Equipments., Urine Analysis Equipments. Disease Diagnosis Equipments. DNA sequencing process. Bio Informatics Instruments. Sterilization Equipments such as Autoclave, hot air oven etc. Media Preparation room. Estimation of DN, Protein, Enzymes by chemical analysis. Isolation and Cultivation of Bacteria, fungus.